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TopAct Events brings to you our very own interactive, improv-inspired, murder mystery experiences filled with secrets, surprise, and murder! This is not your typical night out at the bar or dinner and a movie. Our murder mystery experiences will place you right in the middle of the action of a classic game of whodunit, where you will get to play a suspect, witness, or detective while mixing and mingling with others. We hand select amazing venues to set the mood in a pop-up format or will work with you on creating your own private event.  

Our murder mysteries are carefully written and are inspired from real-life themes and eras. We take time to create unique and entertaining characters while respecting the art of mystery storytelling. Our murder mystery style is focused on improv, therefore there are no scripts to read or lines to memorize. You can be as dramatic or funny as you wish! We embrace creative expression and aim to bring the star out of you!

The objective is simple: try and solve the mystery by collecting clues and assessing motives, all while collaborating and having fun with others. Our murder mystery experiences are ideal for any occasion, and make a perfect night out with friends, family, co-workers, or that special someone. 

Prior to the Event
  • After purchasing tickets, you will receive  your invitation, summary, and character sketch via email
  • Read and familiarize yourself with the summary and character sketch so you are prepared for the event
  • Have fun planning your attire for themed events.  We encourage all guests to dress for their part, however this is optional 
During the Event
  • Be welcomed by our expert host to introduce you to the experience
  • Take pleasure in the opportunity to mix and mingle with others
  • Enjoy your favorite cocktails
  • Savor delicious dinner options
  • Have a blast getting into character while collaborating with and investigating others
  • Be entertained by the elements of mystery and surprise throughout the night
  • Mystery Winners will be entered in raffles to win fun prizes

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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Albert Einstein

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